Rochelle Chua 高菁秀

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Rochelle Chua 高菁秀






Residential, Commercial


Royal Pacific Realty Corp.


English, Chinese Mandarin, Tagalog, Other


Charm is key to opening doors.

Win anyone, anywhere, anytime. Open existing doors and new doors when you make and give value to your clients, team and partners..

Beauty comes natural; not made.

Keep it simple and natural. No need to do a lot of make-ups, name brand clothing, cars and all that jazz. Be confident with your own natural beauty!

Trend may not be your friend.

People these days go for what’s in and who’s famous in the industry. Let me ask you this question, have you heard of anyone claiming they’re not?

Knowledge vs. speculation

Who do you think is more important the home buyer or the seller? If your answer is the buyer then you are not speculating.

Work hard. Work smart too.

Before you start your work, make sure to prioritize. Who deserves more of your time and who can wait. So get them to sign that form!

My testimonials speaks for me

When your client sticks with you it means everything. Its a testament of your profound ability and unmatched greatness they cannot find anywhere else.