Eva Yuen

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Eva Yuen


B. Sc (Hons.)







Residential, Commercial


Royal Pacific Realty Corp.


English, Chinese Cantonese


Meet Eva Yuen
Eva is a natural self-starter who’s been licensed since 2004.  She is proactive and optimistic, and likes to get things done before she is told or reminded. She exhibits certain key traits that has drawn crowds.  These traits include being self-confident, service-oriented, conscientious, assertive, persistent, achievement-oriented, flexible and a team player. No one can exhibit all of these traits every single day, but Eva does so most of the time, and this has made her a career realtor to prize.

Clients are put to ease in her presence.  She listens to the wants, inquires about the needs and creates an action plan to produce high quality results.  Her network of industry partners ensures all her clients will have access to the most reliable information.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a more experienced investor, there should never be a “one-and-done” client. 

Eva has honed her creative skill set and believes in making worthy contributions to her industry. She possess’ a positive outlook, and her belief in her ability to make contributions led her to become the President of Royal Pacific Realty’s Young Professional Network.  In this position, Eva lead a team dedicated to helping new Realtors become familiar with the industry through various networking opportunities that included training resources, educational seminars, menterorship programs, market news and trends.   Additionally through educational seminars, she advocated business ethics and professionalism in order to assist fellow colleagues maintain a long sustainable, successful and profitable real estate career.