Are you waiting until September to put your home on the market when everyone gets back from holidays?

Think again. Mid-summer can be a busy time of year for sales. Here’s why!

Summer buyers are serious buyers.  Often, buyers purposely take time during the summer months to locate the home so they can be moved in by autumn. Other buyers may have sold their home and are looking to upsize or downsize and get into their new home as quickly as possible. They are ready to make a decision right away. In contrast, casual browers and ‘looky-loos’ are busy enjoying the summer weather – they’re at the beach.

Your home looks its best. Your garden and the gardens of your neighbours are at their best. The trees and flowers on your street and in local parks are also beautifully in bloom and at their best.

Buyers have more time. Homebuyers will use their holidays to search – taking a week or more off work during the summer. These serious buyers focus on finding the right home, making a decision and closing the deal. Some buyers even prefer to look during the summer holidays to avoid the rush of the spring and fall ‘peak’ periods. For couples, it may be the only time of year when they can both take a week off together and focus on home-hunting.

Your Royal Pacific REALTOR® will do the work.  Some buyers may wonder whether they’ll get enough attention from their Realtor® during the summer holidays. Royal Pacific Realty Group Realtors are used to working hard year-round. It’s part of a career they love. Yes, you’ll be busy with summer activities, social events, and even out-of-town guests – that’s why you have a Royal Pacific Realtor.  We’ll be there to help you sell your home.

For information, contact your Royal Pacific Realty Group Realtor.