Royal Pacific REALTORS® contribute $125,000+ for city hospital

Posted on March 22nd, 2016
Fundraising for Tapestry

Sing Yeo, centre, Patricia Yeo, fourth from left

Sing Lim Yeo, O.B.C., Patricia Yeo, Royal Pacific Realty Group REALTORS® and other REALTORS® recently raised more than $125,000 for Tapestry Foundation for Health Care.

This amount helped Tapestry Foundation reach a new fundraising milestone at its Scotiabank Feast of Fortune gala, raising more than $850,000 for Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.

Sing Lim Yeo, a member of the Order of British Columbia and Honorary Chair of the gala fundraising committee, with his wife Patricia Yeo are both REALTORS® and founding gala volunteers. They have played an influential and guiding role since 2008 in helping to establish and build the highly successful event.

The signature Chinese New Year gala has raised close to $4 million in nine years for purchases of high-tech medical equipment and to establish new services at the hospital.

With a dedication to philanthropy and community building, the Yeos support numerous local, national and international causes that include heath care and education.

“Giving comes from the heart,” said Mr. Yeo. “For us it is a way of life, something that we are genuinely committed to doing. We feel deeply satisfied supporting the health and well being of residents in the community where we work and live.”

During the past nine years, the Yeos have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the success of Tapestry Foundation’s gala through personal donations, corporate sponsorship, and the collection of pledge contributions.

They have also rallied considerable support through the local realtor community, including Royal Pacific Realty Group, the largest real estate firm in Vancouver, where Mr. Yeo is Senior Vice-President.

“Tapestry Foundation is indebted and truly thankful to committed volunteers like Sing and Patricia,” said Tapestry Foundation CEO Ann Adams.

“Every year we reach new heights at the Scotiabank Feast of Fortune through their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.”