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When buying a home, the location is just as important as the property in establishing long-term value.

Royal Pacific REALTORS® agree – the first step in home-hunting should be narrowing your search to a specific neighbourhood.

Start by assessing your lifestyle and your future plans. Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Will you require a school or public transit to be close by?
  • Do you value living near a park or community centre for leisure activities?
  • What is the maximum daily commute you’re willing to make to work or to your customers?
  • Is there a possibility that you might change jobs or your career in the near future?
  • Are there family and friends you would like to see on a regular basis and what do you consider a comfortable travelling distance?

After determining your requirements, your Royal Pacific REALTOR® will assist you by quickly sourcing information about potential neighbourhoods, price trends and community information, complementing it with his or her own inside knowledge of the neighbourhood.

Once you’ve established possible locations, your Royal Pacific REALTOR® will spend time helping you to understand your options.

One of the best ways to learn about a neighbourhood is by spending time in it.

Walk around, have a look at the homes, talk to local residents and visit local parks. Have coffee in cafés or lunch and dinner in local restaurants. Read the community newspaper to get an idea of activities, issues and concerns. These steps will give you a better sense of the residents and lifestyle in the neighbourhood.

With your Royal Pacific REALTOR®’s assistance, you’re sure to end up in a neighbourhood that’s right for you. Happy home-hunting!

When choosing a neighbourhood investigate: Zoning and community planning. Find out what the city plans for the  neighbourhood you’re considering. Read the community or neighbourhood plan and get information on zoning by-laws from the local city hall.

Safety & noise. Visit the community at different times of the day and night to determine safety and noise levels in the area. Will you feel comfortable walking at night? Will noise keep you awake? Check with the local police department for statistics on break-ins and other crimes.

Schools. Make an appointment and visit the local school(s) and ask about class sizes, programs, activities and parent involvement. Even if you don’t have children, the quality of the schools affects the value of your home.

Commuting distance. Try out the daily commute you’ll make during peak times – both to and from work. Also try alternate routes.

Resale potential. Your Royal Pacific REALTOR® can provide you with information about recent resale volume and pricing trends. Your Realtor will also protect your best interests by informing you of any special issues or considerations that may affect the resale value.