Goodwill and holiday cheer can make this season a great time to sell your home. Here’s why:

  1. Christmas buyers are serious buyers.  They include soon-to-be residents relocating from out of town and residents who have sold a home in late autumn and need to buy before their own sale closes. While the serious buyers are looking, casual browsers and ‘looky-loos’ are busy with other activities, so they won’t inconvenience home sellers.
  2. Your REALTOR® will do the work. Your Royal Pacific REALTOR® will give you solid advice to sell your home. If you need help finding a home inspector, lawyer, notary public, mortgage broker or tradesperson, your realtor will provide you with a list of professionals that you can interview and select independently.
  3. Your home looks its best. The holiday season is a time of celebration and entertaining. Most homes are at their best – sparkling clean and beautifully decorated. The fireplace is lit, and your home feels warm and inviting. From the outside, Christmas lights and wreaths have a way of making even an ordinary home look magical. Indoors, decorations, lights and wrapped gifts create a wonderful homey feeling that sparks buyers’ imaginations.
  4. Seasonal scents help sell.  Seller’s guides say that the most appealing scents for homebuyers include vanilla, cinnamon and pine. During the holidays, your home is naturally filled with these smells – home-baking, pine boughs, mulled cider – all of which create a very appealing environment for buyers.
  5. Buyers have more time.  Most of us take time during the holidays for family and friends. For serious buyers, that means they have time to focus on finding the right home, making a decision and closing the sale. Some buyers even prefer to look during the holidays to avoid the rush during spring and fall ‘peak’ periods. For couples, it may be the only time of year when they can both take a week off together and focus on house-hunting.

Buying and selling a home over the holiday season will be true cause for celebrate.