Is a strata office in your future?

Posted on September 26th, 2013

You’ve decided to work for yourself – or with a few friends – out of your home.

Business is great and you need to expand.  What do you do?

Consider buying strata office space. It’s an increasingly popular option thanks to historically low interest rates.

“Younger professionals see the opportunity to own their own space as a wise move,” says Andrew Peck, vice-president and general manager with the Royal Pacific Realty Group.

“Most would rather build equity than pay a landlord if they’re planning to stay in a community for the long term.”

Royal Pacific has worked with many firms to find space that suits their needs.

Often, the offices are in new buildings in suburban locations where professionals can serve a surrounding residential community.

“Any business that has a long-term vision for how it fits into the community – and a solid business plan – should consider strata space,” Says Peck. “It helps reduce operating costs, and can deliver a payback when the time comes to sell.”

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