Finding a commercial REALTOR® in Metro Vancouver

Posted on August 12th, 2010

You’ve decided to open a new business or you’re growing and need to expand. You’re looking for a location and you need someone you can trust who can represent your interests.

Like many other professionals – accountants, insurance agents, lawyers, and notaries – referral is often the best way to find a commercial REALTOR®. Ask your colleagues and trusted business advisors, and even family and friends who own businesses.

If you’re new to our area, visit an area where you would like to set up shop. When you see a “For Sale” or a “For Lease” sign, phone the REALTOR® and interview them. If you like what you hear, set up an appointment to interview them in depth.

Questions you can ask include:

  • How long have you been licensed?
  • Which commercial courses have you taken?
  • Do you have professional designations?
  • Have you been involved in the lease or sale of similar properties? How many?
  • How will you locate/market my property?

Don’t forget to call Royal Pacific for an interview

Give us a call to sit down with one of our commercial real esate specialists. If you have questions about the leasing, buying or selling commercial real estate, you can be assured that your Royal Pacific Commercial REALTOR® will serve your best interests and maximize your investment.