Commercial Property FAQs

Posted on August 12th, 2010

Our REALTORS® encounter many questions regarding commercial properties and here are the top 10 most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you’d like answered, contact us and we’ll have a Royal Pacific REALTOR® contact you to help you with your real estate questions!

What is commercial
real estate?
Join us for a walk in our neighbourhood. Along with homes, townhouses and condominiums, we’ll pass rental duplexes and apartments and then around the corner, we’ll pass a bakery, a coffee shop, a cafe, a bookstore, a supermarket, a gas station, a medical clinic and various office buildings. If we keep walking, we pass auto repair shops, small factories, a paper  box manufacturer and a fish plant.  If keep walking, we’ll come to roadside farm stands, and eventually farms and major plants.All of this is commercial property and it is typically income-producing. It typically includes leasing and sales as well as residential and commercial property management.
Why do I need a Royal Pacific
REALTOR® who specializes
in commercial property?
We’re market experts and we understand real estate investments. We know which areas are the fastest growing, which areas are slated for future growth and which commercial property will typically give a buyer a good return on their investment.
How do I know the
work for me?
You establish up front, the type of relationship that best suits your needs. You may choose to have a:
  • Buyer’s agent: a Royal Pacific REALTOR® acts solely on behalf of a buyer and provides the buyer with undivided loyalty.
  • Seller’s agent: a Royal Pacific REALTOR® acts solely on behalf of a seller and provides the seller with undivided loyalty.
  • Dual agent: a REALTOR® representing both the seller/landlord and the buyer/tenant – with the full knowledge and informed consent, in writing, of both the seller/landlord and the buyer/tenant.
Is there legislation
and regulation which
impacts commercial
real estate?
Yes. There is significant legislation at the federal, provincial and local (municipal) levels. Royal Pacific REALTORS® have knowledge and expertise in legislation and regulation.At the federal level, various legislation and regulation impact commercial property, including:

At the provincial level, various legislation and regulation impacts commercial property including:

How does Royal Pacific
market commercial property?
We begin with designing a marketing plan, based on the type of property you’re selling or sub-leasing.If you own a small shopping mall, we’ll advertise it on our Royal Pacific website, and elsewhere including and We may also turn to print media such as the Western Investor or Business in Vancouver. We also market in foreign speaking newspapers such as the Ming Pao and the Sing Tao newspapers.Our goal is to give your property maximum exposure to buyers and their representatives throughout Greater Vancouver and beyond.